Roots in Cider
•Since 1922•

Wards Apple Cider is homegrown, handpicked and crafted on our apple orchard in the sunny Okanagan Valley. For five generations our family has been growing premium apples and developing a strong cider tradition.

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Deliciously Traditional

At Wards, we grow traditional cider apples.
Cider apples are tart with a high natural acidity which allows us to give them lots of hang time on the tree.

  • hang time = high natural sugars + complex flavours
  • high acidity = naturally balanced cider with a crisp, fresh finish
  • natural sugars + complex flavours = Delicious

Wards Cider

Tree ripened. Pressed fresh. Champagne Yeast. All Natural.
Gluten Free. Family Owned.


This cider is the most balanced and refreshing one I’ve tried yet and generally the one most commonly found in my fridge. 
It offers honey and crunchy apples with gingery hints. It has a slightly creamy weight with wonderfully balanced acidity, that allows you to easily drink more than one. 


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