Our Story
The Wards History

Wards Cider is situated on a fifth generation family orchard that was settled by Great Grandad Ward in 1918.

Great-great-grandfather Ward, was a man’s man and a true adventurer. He couldn’t resist the lure of promised riches – so, he left England for the excitement of the California Gold Rush. He didn’t find gold, but he did fall in love with America. And, as a result, after returning to England he named his newly born son after George Washington.

Great-grandfather George Washington Ward followed in his father’s adventurous footsteps and left England’s shores for America – but, instead of the United States, he came to Canada and began growing apples in the Okanagan Valley. Remaining true to his roots, he created an old English style cider – “dry, not too sweet” (just the way he liked it). And, that’s exactly what you will get at Wards Cider.

Wards packinghouse was built by great-grandfather Ward in 1922, and has transformed into a cidery and winery – fully equipped with a tasting room!

Wards Cider is made from 100 percent tree-ripened, handpicked cider specific apples from our orchards in the sunny Okanagan Valley. It is the perfect all natural and gluten-free alternative to beer, and remains true to the old family recipe of back-to-basics and wholesome.